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No stress,
simple wills.

Nobody wants to get an insurance policy after disaster has struck. In the same way, getting a good will is like getting a good insurance policy. 


It is stressful to have a close friend or relative pass away without a will in place. Besides the pressure of having to make decisions without guidance, there will also be missed opportunities to direct your assets where you want them to go and to minimise your tax liabilities.


If you are like most of our clients, you are looking for a simple, cost effective way to obtain a will package without unnecessary complication and expense. Our Wills & Estates lawyer will give you confidence to protect your assets and obtain peace of mind in relation to your future.

If you and your partner would like to obtain a will together, we do also offer joint will packages to plan your wills and estate together.

Let us help you today.

I just wished if I could have started my journey with Joshua, things

would have been a [lot] less painful.

... stop wasting your valuable time and money with other Law firms.


~ direct quote from another satisfied client.

Know what happens next.

DG Family Law will assist you to plan your estate and protect your assets without delay, hidden costs or complicated language. You can rest assured that we have overseen and advised on many matters, including straightforward will packages, powers of attorney and appointment of medical decision makers.


Do you have a will?



Do I have to go to Court?

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"I don't need a will" is a common refrain we hear from those who do not have a will. If you are young, don't have many assets or don't really care what happens to your assets, you may decide not to get a will.

When you consider the cost of a standard will, it is small change compared to the risk of losing control of your assets. Making a will is the best way to ensure that the people you love most are cared for in your absence.

As part of your fixed fee, we will also provide a Power of Attorney (PoA) and a Medical Decision Making appointment at no extra cost. Typically, most firms will charge extra fees for such premium services.

You can generally expect a standard will drafted by a lawyer to cost from E$500 to E$1000. We provide quality services to you (that don't cost an arm or a leg) for a fixed fee.

We provide upfront costs disclosure because we believe that part of caring for our clients is to give upfront costs disclosure.

If you have a business, family trusts, an SMSF or other complicated investments, we will provide an individual quote after our first consult.


Make an initial appointment direct with a Wills & Estates lawyer to obtain tailored preliminary advice and get your will started today without further delays.

If you instruct our office to prepare a will, you will not have to attend Court. Litigation tends to arise after the testator (will writer) has passed away when someone then challenges the will.

If you desire to avoid arguments, division and contested wills after you pass, we recommend that you complete a will based on careful consideration and expert advice from a reputable lawyer (not a DIY homemade will kit).

Considering the value of your assets and the small cost of a will (completed by our office), making a will is just like obtaining an insurance policy.


Why risk leaving your estate to chance?


What if I get a divorce?


When do I need to update my will?


What is a Power of Attorney?

Marriage and divorce will both effect the validity of your will (unless it is made in contemplation of marriage). In order to avoid expensive legal fees to understand and interpret the will, we recommend that you get your will reviewed and updated regularly.

If you have not got a will, in the event that you were to pass away, the law will presume to pay your assets to your spouse. This can be a problem if you are separated and do not want to give your assets to your ex-partner.

We recommend that anybody who is separating or considering a relationship status change seek legal advice and update their will today without delay.

We generally recommend that you update your will whenever you experience a significant life event. This may include a marriage, a separation, a divorce, aquiring a significnat asset, setting up a business/ company or trust or even having a baby.

There are three ways that you can seek to update a will. You can complete and add a codicil (a legal document completed to make minor changes to a will), revoke the will and write a completely new one or completely destroy the will.

Typically, making a new will automatically cancel your old will.

A Power of Attorney (PoA) gives a power for someone to make personal or financial decisions on your behalf in the event that you were to become incapacitated. You will generally want to appoint a trusted friend or family member to this role.

As PoAs are complex documents that have become more complicated over time, it is a good idea to enlist a solicitor to ensure that the PoA accurately reflects and safeguards your desired intentions.

If a PoA document is not drafted properly, has omissions or is otherwise incorrectly executed, your PoA may not achieve your desired effect. 

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