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  • How much will it cost?
    Family law is not cheap. We offer a free, no obligation initial phone conversation with a member of our team. If you are happy with what you hear, we'll typically arrange a $330 Initial Strategic Consultation with a family law solicitor (60-minute) to discuss your situation, provide you with initial advice and set out a cost-effective strategy to move your matter on the right path toward resolution. If you want to meet with the Principal Solicitor fr your initial consultation, you can expect to pay $550 or more for an Initial Consultation.
  • Do I have to go to Court?
    As a rule of thumb, more than 95% of cases resolve before a final hearing. When you separate, you will generally need to agree on an arrangement as to how to divide your assets, your property and your parenting responsibilities if you want to avoid going to Court. If you both agree to the above arrangements, you may be able to finalise your matter without attending Court. If you cannot agree on a final resolution, sometimes it is the best option to ask the Court to make a decision on your behalf.
  • How do I get a Divorce?
    As a no-fault jurisdiction, the Australian Courts require that you simply be separated from your spouse for a period of 12 months or more & a belief that the marriage relationship has no chance of reconconciliation. The Court filing fee alone is at least $940 (unless eligible for a reduced fee), where you can generally expect the process to take approximately four months. Besides seeking a sense of closure, many people will only seek a legal divorce if they are wanting to remarry.
  • Do you do Legal Aid?
    If you require urgent assistance or simply in need of quality legal advice today, give us a call and arrange an initial consultation direct with a family lawyer for $330 (or less). This can help you to relieve immediate concerns and assist you to confidently take the next step. As a private practice, we do not provide subsidised, Legal Aid or pro bono services.
  • Is the system biased against Men?
    There is no perfect legal system, even in Australia. With an emphasis on protecting children from harm & women from family violence, men often feel as if they have been short-changed and become the victims through the family law system. In our experience, it is not unusual for male clients to be less proactive (than their female counterparts) in obtaining timely legal advice, where they then fail to act to protect their interests.
  • Is DG a Christian firm?
    The word "Christian" is a loaded word that has different connotations for different people. While DG Family Law is not a "Christian" business, Joshua Davis does believe in God's existence and seeks to live according to these values. Just like any other law firm, we have ethical duties to act in the best interests of our clients, to be honest, to be courteous and to deliver legal services with competence and diligence in a timely manner.
  • When should I seek legal advice?
    We recommend that you consult a family lawyer early in the process (even before you separate) so that you understand your options, plan your next steps and understand the costs that may be involved before you take action. DG Family Law encourages everybody to seek legal advice early, before there is a problem.
  • What geographical areas does DG service?
    As our firm seeks to provide legal advice that does not cost an arm or a leg, most of our services are conducted electronically, by Zoom or via phone call. This means that we can practically assist regional and interstate clients due to the federal nature of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth). If you simply prefer to meet for a face to face appointment, let us know and we will make an appointment for you to attend one of our offices with a family lawyer. Otherwise, we typically meet clients at our office in Narre Warren (Fountain Gate) or Scoresby (Carribbean Gardens) if we need to meet in person.
  • What if I am in a de facto relationship?
    If you seperated on or after March 2009 and were in a relationship for more than 2 years, the Family Law Courts have juridiction to hear all parenting, property and child support matters (as applicable).
  • Why should I choose DG?
    While we can promise many things, it is much better to hear what other people have to say about us. We invite you to read through the Google Reviews for our firm and compare them to the other solicitors that you are considering to engage. Which firm would you prefer to assist you?
  • Where else can I find more information online?
    The internet is bursting with resources to assist you to learn more about family law. We have included some of the most helpful links below for your ease of reference: Family Law Courts & Associations The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia The Magistrates' Court (Family Violence Intervention Orders) Family Law Section (Family Law Professional Association) Child Support Assistance Services Australia (Separation & Child Support) Child Support Guide (Online Resource) Child Support Estimator (Online Calculator) Family Mediation & Relationship Help Family Relationships Online (Relationship Support) Relationships Australia (Relationship Support) Family Mediation Service (Further Information) Family Life (specialist Family Services Provider) Anglicare Victoria (Family Support Services)
  • When can I get an Initial Appointment?
    We make it a priority to not be too busy. If you seek to make an appointent today, we generally anticipate that you meet with one of our family lawyers within the week.
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