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Intervention Order & Family Law Solicitor

Meet Ruth Alur


"We desire tailored solutions to give confidence that assets will end up in the right hands at the right time"

Ruth has a strong heart for justice and is passionate about the law being used for good.


With extensive legal experience across accredited community legal centres and private practice, Ruth is committed to providing high quality, pragmatic legal advice and assistance to help families navigate challenging circumstances with peace of mind.


Ruth’s heart is that all access justice. She delights in working with individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, is passionate about gender justice and has provided legal assistance to survivors of sexual violence with sensitivity and respect.

About the Solicitor

Ruth’s previous experience includes working in commercial litigation with an inner-city law firm and as a Solicitor with the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service with the Early Resolution Service. In this role, she successfully negotiated with Victoria Police with tact and persuasion and made strong submissions in Court to have Family Violence Intervention Order matters resolved by way of an undertaking, being withdrawn or struck out.   


Joining the DG Family Law team in 2022, Ruth has continued to advocate strongly for applicants and respondents in family violence intervention order proceedings and regularly appears in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria across various locations. She is a fierce advocate for sound outcomes in parenting and property matters in the Federal Circuit and Family Law Court of Australia and further assists with criminal law matters.  


Ruth’s previous experience includes partnering with leading international non-for-profits and aid development organisations across Australia, Asia and Africa. Ruth graduated with Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (Psychology major) from Monash University in 2016 and was admitted to practice as an Australian Legal Practitioner in 2019.


Ruth enjoys playing in the ocean and believes that much can be mended with rest, good company and a warm mug of chai.

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