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Count the cost,
before you start.

No fuss discussion, no complications advice.

If you are like most of our clients, you are looking for a simple, cost effective way to take the next step without going to Court or engaging expensive lawyers!

It is helpful to speak to an experienced separation lawyer before things get bad to give you confidence, protect your interests and provide peace of mind.

DG Family Law can assist you to discretely understand your next steps and evaluate the best way to move forward before you proceed. Take the opportunity to be informed and make a plan to move forward with confidence.

Let us help you today.

I just wished if I could have started my journey with Joshua, things

would have been a [lot] less painful.

... stop wasting your valuable time and money with other Law firms.


~ direct quote from another satisfied client.

Imagine what your next season holds.

DG Family Law will assist you to proactively navigate your family situation without delay, hidden costs or complicated language. You can rest assured that we have dealt with many complicated and difficult family law matters, including complicated property settlements, children being withheld by the other parent and parties failing to make full and frank disclosure of the assets and liabilities of the relationship.

Practice Areas


Can I get divorced?

If you have been seperated for 12 months and are either an Australian citizen, live in Australia or regard Australia as your permanent home, you can generally apply for a divorce.


If the marriage has broken down irretrievably, the divorce is not opposed and there are no children under 18, we can assist you to obtain a very quick and easy online divorce.

If you do have children under 18 from the relationship, you will be required to attend the Divorce hearing.


What will all this cost?

Seperation and divorce is an expensive affair for everyone. With this in mind, we encourage you to consider all potential costs before taking the next step.

In addition to financial considerations, we encourage clients to consider the costs of navigating the Child Support Agency, co-parenting and the ongoing costs of unresolved issues with your ex- before you decide to move on.

If you are thinking of seperating, we encourage you to speak with a family lawyer to understand the full spectrum of potential consequences before you make any significant decisions.


Like the decision to get married or to cohabitate, choosing to seperate or divorce is a significant life decision for you and for your family.


Make an initial appointment direct with a family lawyer to discuss your situation, obtain preliminary legal advice and how to proceed with your next steps.

We recommend that you read general resources on how family law works, the support services available and try any proactive steps you can take to work out the issues in your relationship before deciding to seperate on a final basis.

Our appointments are confidential, where you are not required to tell anyone that you have spoken to a family lawyer.



What about the children?

The Family Law Court is obliged to consider the best interests of the child(ren) at all times.


There are some situations where direct and quick action are required, such as when your spouse is withholding the child(ren), you are concerned for their safety or there is an intervention order in place preventing the children from spending time with you.

We recommend that you obtain advice on how to discuss parenting arrangements directly with your partner, engage in a mediated conversation, engage necessary supports and exhaust other avenues before seeking direct advocacy through a family lawyer.

It is always better to be informed about your options before things go wrong.


Do I have to go to Court?

It depends. DG Family Law seeks to assist the parties to nefgotiate agreements directly with the assistance of lawyers as needed.

If you want a formal property settlement or parenting orders, you are required to obtain the assistance of the Court.

With the advent of Covid-19, many Courts now do online hearings with virtual appearances where physically attendance at the Court is not required.


What about our property?

It is very important that you are informed in how you navigate your assets in the event that you choose to seperate to avoid unnecessary stress.

We recommend that you consider securing any funds in the bank, changing your account passwords and listing any assets and liabilities of the relationship (and their values) before making the decision to seperate.

If you obtain a divorce, you must apply to obtain a property settlement from the Court within 12 months (if you want one). If you do not want to go through the Court, you may also obtain a Binding Financial Agreement with the other side if you have reached an agreement by consent between both parties.

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